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About us

My name is Henrik Göransson and I have created remains.se. I'm an extremely cheery hobby photographer from Gothenburg, Sweden. My greatest interests are history, photo, nature, music, film, cars and 3D-graphics, not necessarily in that order

About remains.se...

The purpose of remains.se is to share locations worth visiting by showing photos I've taken while visiting these places. Most of my photos are taken somewhere in Sweden, but there are several from historical places in other countries that I've visited when I got the chance to travel.

The information pages are translated into several different languages, but within the web site, only English and Swedish are available.

A little info about my privacy policy for this site: All images on this site is free of use, according to the underneath mentioned CreativeCommons-license. Sometimes it's really hard to take photos of huge buildings that attracts a lot of visitors, without any of those visitors apperas in my photos. If you find yourself on any of my photos, and don't want to be there, just let me know so that I can remove or retouch the photo. if there are any other details or objects you don't think should be on this site, contact me in this matter aswell.